Chemical Dependency Starts in the Soil

Chemical dependence begins in the soil where our food is grown. Chemical Dependency Is About So Much More Than Recreational Drugs Growing up on the edge of Generation X, I learned early on about the most universally recognized forms of chemical dependency.  In our community, we were exposed to a number of people who drank too … Read more

Challenging the Wisdom of Nrf2 as a Target for Drug Development

A little regulatory protein called NF-E2 related nuclear transcription factor, commonly abbreviated Nrf2, interacts with DNA upstream of many cellular defense genes, in conjunction with other proteins, to control toxins that contribute to oxidative stress. Since oxidative stress, a condition characterized by overabundance of free radicals, is associated with aging, inflammation, exposure to environmental toxins, … Read more

Ending the Fight with Diversification

Soil, water, and air pollution. Chronic disease epidemics (Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes….) Chemical dependencies Civil unrest Food insecurity…. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one set of simple and affordable actions could address all of these problems simultaneously? End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC was built on the premise that the most significant common denominator among all these problems … Read more

Restoring the Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

What is a healthy food system? Food systems are made up of complex webs of interactions that provide access to food. Healthy food systems are economically and nutritionally secure.  Ideally, a healthy food system provides access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food for everyone.  Because healthy food systems are essential to humanity itself, they also … Read more

Z-Is Food Really the Best Medicine?

  I typically cite food as the best medicine.  To keep the regulators happy, I will define “medicine” herein as “stuff that makes people healthy so they feel better.” I don’t want to be accused of trying to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure diseases that are tied to legal definitions I know little about. But … Read more

Hacking Common Sense to put Medical Data in the Cloud

In the March 24, 2014 edition of Time Magazine, Yves Béhar describes “LifeTiles,” fasionable sensors that would non-invasively monitor a person’s health.  LifeTiles would share data with cloud algorithms to provide individualized feedback that would presumably help the user make better health choices. Since the technology to do this exists, it is conceivable that such … Read more

Healthcare Won’t be Improved With Access to More Insurance

History tells us that when Columbus and his sailors arrived in the America’s, they reported finding American people in astonishingly good health.  Soon, rumors arose of a fountain of youth, which many Spaniards sought, but never found.  The Spaniards were approaching health with the same linear thinking that is currently driving our great nation towards … Read more

How Science, Education, and Government Promote Widespread Chronic Illness

Illness changes the way a person views the world.  I’ve spent much of my life following “scientific principles”  and “medically approved recommendations” for health management and diet.  I always trusted public education to provide information that is helpful to individual citizens.   Remarkably, the only times I’ve reversed any long term illness have been the times … Read more