The Amazing Power of Peppermint Oil

photo of Shelly Michael

Written by: Shelley Michael CHHC Shelley is a certified wellness counselor and advocate for using toxic free, organic healthy home and personal care products and natural remedies that support healthy people and a healthy planet. You can read Shelley’s blog at:   It is no secret we love peppermint. We like our gum to … Read more

Local Food Requires Local Farmers

Today’s post features text of a speech delivered by Sabrina Lucero at the 2017 New Mexico State FFA Convention, where Sabrina took second place in prepared public speaking.  Her witty explanation of the need for local farmers highlights why recent food and health care trends are creating unprecedented windows of opportunity for careers in agriculture. … Read more

Guest Post: Papers, Possessions, and Precision Agriculture in a Cloudy Environment

Clifff Love, of Profitable Growth Services as today’s guest writer.   Cliff’s background in private agricultural services in the Northeastern US contrasts with my own perspectives, gleaned from public agricultural and environmental research in the Southwest.  Yet our contrasting experiences have led us to a shared awareness that our sustainability is being threatened, not so … Read more