Connect Soil Health to Your Health With the Agri-Health Culture Conference

This conference was held in early 2020, just before COVID-19 became a household word. The speaker insights are as relevant today as they were then. You can view playbacks on our sister site, at

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Good Nutrition Begins On Farms and In Gardens. 

Hipocrates once recognized food as the best medicine.  Of course, it goes without saying that only good food is good medicine. Food that is rich in functional vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals can support healthy body weights, combat cancer, promote sleep, and ensure a strong immune system.

Today it seems like everyone is talking about good nutrition.  Unfortunately, nutritional advice from experts is loaded with conflict.  Should we eat Paleo?  Keto?  The Mediterranean Diet?  Vegan?

The fact is, rules of good nutrition can be confusing.  One reason for this is because truly good nutrition is less about “what” you eat, and more about how your food was grown, distributed, and processed.  By the time most foods arrive at the supermarket, they have already been handled in ways that can reduce nutritional quality. Some of this processing is even required by law!

Changing Food Systems is no Easy Task. 

Experts concerned about food quality today recognize the need for change.  Yet making food healthy and available is not easy.  Consumers push for cheap, fast food.  Governments push overbearing legislation that ignores important aspects of food quality.  Producers rewarded for high yield fear sacrificed profits when new methods are adopted.

We believe these difficult problems can be made easier when decision makers come together to exchange ideas.  Bringing growers together with people who recognize the value of healthy food will help both parties work together to foster  change.  The result?  Healthy soils, healthy people, and an economy less burdened by high health care costs and low productivity.

Virtual AgriHealth Culture Conference Explores the Roots of Good Nutrition

The new  AgriHealth Culture conference is opening dialog between growers, health and wellness professionals, and people who eat.  Speakers include large and small farmers, agricultural support professionals, and experts in food security, pharmaceuticals, personal training, and nutrition.   Participants can join live, or download recorded sessions at their own convenience.

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