The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Clean environments, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and enough freedom to adapt to your surrounding environment form the cornerstones that support healthy food systems and healthy economies.

Illustrates the cornerstones of environment, agriculture, health, and freedom as the cornerstones of healthy food systems.

Here we explore ideas, information, discussions, and opinions about food systems ranging:

  • from the soil to the gut.
  • from the farm to the table
  • from the ecosystem to the economy.

Legacy Posts

Regenerative Agriculture

Please don’t get hung up on semantics and legalistic definitions here. We are looking at approaches to food, fiber, and biofuel production that promote restoration, rather than degradation.

Clean Environment

Our environment supplies the air, water, soil, and other natural resources that drive regeneration

Natural Health and Nutrition

As living systems ourselves, we cannot renew and regenerate our economy or our ecosystem without taking care or ourselves. Eating good food grown in healthy soil, and minimizing risks that damage your health will build your personal productivity and reduce your health care costs.

Freedom to Diversify

Civilization has always been a struggle to find balance between personal freedom and cooperation with our communities and government. Discussions here explore the tipping point in which governments we build to ensure liberty and justice actually become the cause of of inequity, food insecurity, and enviromental decline.

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End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC was founded to restore heathy food systems. We recognize the need to approach restoration from the soil to the gut. So we started our original blog and subsequent podcast to address all four cornerstones. However, we focus the bulk of our daily efforts where we feel we can have the greatest impact: helping growers and consultants find success with biologically centered growing methods. Please visit our parent site below to learn more.

Meet the Author

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Dr. Mary Lucero is a biologist who uses the living communities we call microbiomes to restore health:

  • from the soil to the gut.
  • from the farm to the table
  • and from the ecosystem to the economy